Take On One Of The UK's Top Finance Directors Working For You On A Part-Time Basis To Eliminate Cashflow Problems, Find You Funding, Introduce Crystal Clear Management Reports, Expand In The UK And Abroad, And Ultimately Sell Your Business... All For Less Than It Would Cost To Hire A Junior Member Of Staff..

We work with ambitious growth companies across all sectors, identifying every area of weakness within your current finance function and every potential opportunity.
Sharing best practice among our 100 top level FDs means we are able to collaborate internally and then distil and share the best information with our clients which would be impossible through most typical in-house finance director appointments. You will have your own carefully selected Vulpine FD on the one hand and a close-knit team of local and national FDs on the other, working as part of a collaborative support structure. This gives us and our clients a huge advantage.
With 2000 combined years of experience one of our FDs will have been there and done it. This means that if you are looking for funding say or wishing to sell your business instead of having only one FD to help you meet your objective, you have the benefit of our entire national team. This offers you with a massive advantage. We have built up our reputation as one UK’s leading provider of high calibre, part-time finance directors by selecting only the top 2% of applicants wishing to join our internal team. This means that your business can benefit from the experience of one of the country’s leading FDs at a fraction of what it would cost to take on a full-time FD.
What we have found, working with over 300 clients in the £2m – £50m bracket, is that most business owners are looking for the same thing: To spend their time doing the things they enjoy doing the most and are best at; the things they envisaged doing when they first set up the business. Without a well structured and self-contained, stable finance function which takes care of strategy on the one hand and the mundane details on the other, it is almost impossible for the business owner to avoid getting sucked into the finance side of the business. Our main objective is free up busy CEOs and MDs by taking away the problems of your finance department in a systematic and proactive way and building your company infrastructure to underpin your long term stability to enable you to scale. Our business planning process helps business owners to move from a disorganised culture of fire fighting to a more ordered and dependable culture where the whole team has a clear direction and visibility and each of the cogs within the business work together as part of a well oiled machine. We will help you to remove the frost from the windscreen and see your business and the future with great clarity. You will receive the support of a highly experienced finance director who has a track record for helping businesses thrive and you also get to spend your time doing the work you have always wanted to do but can never quite find the time…

So are you ready so speak to your new FD?

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