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About Vulpine

We are a global currency house with offices in London, New York, Santiago, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our diverse locations allow us to ensure your business can negate the risks inherent with trading the world's most volatile financial market place.

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Why Vulpine?

Vulpine is one of the world's fastest growing financial institutions, we have specialised in assisting businesses like yours for over a decade and we continue to innovate in an industry known for stagnation.

We live in a modern digital age, where connecting with people across the globe is done instantaneously and easily. So why is it that we accept exchanging currencies is still done using an antiquated business model?

When you exchange currencies using the standard model, you will be told that there is 0% commission. Does this sound familiar? Of course there is no commission but there is a margin being made between what the broker buys the currency at and what they sell it to you at. "Sure! they are a business thats fine" you say? but lets think about it this way, to exchange the currencies takes 2 maybe three clicks of a mouse, now if you found out that on average your first trade will have a margin around about 1% we are sure you would be happy with this, but what if we told you that most brokers aim to increase their margins across your trades to a target of 5%?
This means if you exchange $50,000 (USD) in a single trade for your business you are secretly being charged between $500 and $2,500 for those few clicks of a mouse. Does this sound reasonable to you?

Vulpine Business Accounts

The Vulpine Difference

Here at Vulpine we do things a little differently!

When you open your account you will be contact by your Trading Manager, who will obviously facilitate any immediate needs and then arrange a time to come and see you face to face. At this face to face meeting your trading manager will create a bespoke trading strategy for you and your business, based on the needs of your business the frequency of trades and your tolerances to risk.
With your new trading strategy Vulpine will be able to watch the markets on your behalf and make pre-emptive trades allowing you to benefit from much more stable rates than would normally be possible.
When talking to Vulpine, you can rest assured that the rate we quote is the best available, as we will give you the Interbank rate with ZERO margin attached.

How can we do this and remain profitable?

Instead of charging you a margin with will vary depending on the size of your trades, we will work with you to work out how frequently you need to trade and charge you either a single one of annual fee for our services or a monthly charge for the accounts you hold with us.

This innovative strategy sees our clients saving on average 23% across the year.

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