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Vulpine Financial Risk Advisory

Vulpine Financial Risk Advisory is a boutique investment special with offices in London, New York and Hong Kong. We specialise in working with entrepreneurs to strengthen their business ventures and sourcing the right investment capital to allow the business to grow in the correct manner.

How we work

VFRA has spent the last decade building relationships with entrepreneurs, institutional investors, private equity firms and pension funds. Our relationships are based on the fact that VFRA works with some of the best companies worldwide to strengthen their business against risk prior to sourcing any investment capital. We do this in the form of our Investment Prospectus a document that has seen over 50 companies secure on average $30M worth of investment each.

The Prospectus

Economic Review

Vulpine's Trusted Economic Review allows any potential investor as well as those in charge of the company to review the economic climate and forecasted climate for not only their native markets but also any markets they are looking to invest in/

Market/Sector Analysis

To correctly forecast any company's potential to grow it is imperative that one understands the conditions on the market in which the company operates in. Is it already saturated? is there room to grow? Vulpine's MSA is trusted across the world and frequently used by national media to forecast growth across various sectors.

Business Model Review

All good entrepreneurs believe they are using the correct business model and that their business can become a market leader but is this true? Vulpine's team of skilled analysis work tirelessly to assess the company's business model, to understand how it is going to generate it revenues how the growth will be achieved and whether this is a real and viable proposition.

Financial Feasibility Study

One of the key factors of any investment is the financial projections and the company's ability to fulfill these projections. Our FFS is one of the most detailed assessments of a company's financials their stability and the validity of any financial forecasts they have given. Here at Vulpine we continue to deploy our robustness algorithm to pressure test all assumptions and this in turn means our FFS is one of the most trusted analysis documents by investors across the world. 

Managerial Capacity Review

Investors across the world need to know that the team in charge of a company are capable of doing what they say they can. Vulpine's MCR puts the entire management team of a company under scrutiny and assesses whether they are really capable of fulfilling their obligations. 

Investment Review

After having reviewed all aspects of your business it is now time for the investors to understand the proposal you are giving them. The Investment Review from Vulpine allows them to quickly understand the proposal as well as being able to see its strengths and any risks associated with the proposals.

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