A current account that can evolve with your business

An end to "12 Months free banking" how about a free bank account until your business can afford to pay for it?

Free Banking:

Finally an end to "12 months free banking" with Vulpine your company will not be charged for normal banking facilities until it can afford to do so. Together with your local business manager you review your business plan and financial targets and agree on a price point that is fair for all. When your business reaches this point you will be able to adjust the plan your on or you can simply select a new one for your business to start using.
Price Plans designed around your business:
Once you and your business have reached the heights of success and you are going to start paying for your banking facilities we have a number of plans that you can choose or you can create your own "mix and match" plan that allows you to select all the functions your business needs and none of those it doesn't.
Enjoy Peace of Mind with our price guarantee:
Once you become a Vulpine Account Holder we will review your account every 3 months to ensure you are on the correct price plan, should at any point a new deal or a better tariff become available your local manager will call you to discuss it.
Free Business Banking:

We will not charge you for any normal day to day business transactions, however should you go overdrawn without prior authorization or should you need more bespoke/labour intensive facilities these may carry charges. For more details please refer to our full terms and conditions. 
Loyalty Rewards:
For those customers who build a long term relationship with us here at Vulpine we guarantee to reduce your charges. 
To start the applications process you will need to have the following information available - 

Business Details:
  • Business Name, Contact Details, Nature of the business and Legal Status
  • Business Start Date
  • Forecasted 3 years Turnover
  • Funding Requirements
  • Incorporation Details
Personal Details:
  • Full Names and Addresses of all Directors
  • Previous Addresses
  • Existing bank account details
  • Country, City and Date of Birth of all Directors
Sole Traders:
If you are a sole trader the whole application process can be completed online in under 10 minutes, we will then contact you within 5 days to confirm the account opening and the details will be sent to your home in the post.
Partnerships and Limited Companies:
If you are operating a partnership or a limited company with 2 or more directors, you can start you application online. Once submitted, we'll contact you to arrange an appointment with your local business manager to discuss how we can support your business and complete your application.

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